About Us

Our Mission

Ringo-RetrieveFour Rivers Kennel was founded as a facility designed for investigating canine nutrition and performance. Four Rivers Kennel offers a variety of nutritional feeding and research services for the pet food industry. Our goal is to provide the pet food industry with accurate and precise nutrition information. We are dedicated to the humane care and welfare of all of our dogs. It is our privilege to work with these beautiful dogs everyday and give them the love and care they need. We are grounded in developing sound nutrition information in our enriched environment for our dogs.

– Craig N. Coon, President and Founder of Four Rivers Kennel

The objective of the kennel is to provide pet food companies and the allied pet food industry with a USDA approved facility for developing canine nutrition information and AAFCO adequacy testing for complete foods, treats and ingredients for dogs. Craig N. Coon has been doing nutritional research for over two decades and works one-on-one with our clients to develop individualized protocols to meet all of their needs and specifications. Quality assurance and service can only be achieved through a hands-on approach that involves our clients in all aspect of our procedures. We have the ability to perform palatability, stool quality, mobility, senior care studies and much more.

About The Owner

The kennel is co-owned and operated by Dr. Craig N. Coon, a world renowned nutritionist. Dr. Coon established Four Rivers Kennel in 2011 for the purpose of performing canine nutrition and performance studies. Dr. Coon received his B.S. degree in Animal Science, M.S. in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, and Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Texas A&M University. Dr. Coon has been a faculty member involved in research, teaching, and extension at the University of Maryland, Washington State University, University of Minnesota, and University of Arkansas. Dr. Coon’s main focus has been poultry nutrition but he is now applying his extensive knowledge to canine nutrition, specifically in large breed working dogs.